Get FAT!

27 Dec

My, how times change. In 1895 skinny chicks wanted to be fat. The color lithograph shows a young woman with a package of Loring’s Fat-Ten-U food tablets and package of Loring’s Corpula, a fat-producting food:

“These tablets are result of years spent in making experiments with various compounds to procure a flesh producing agent. Will produce 8 to 16 lbs. of solid healthy flesh per month.”

Gribler Bank Note Co., photo by Bakers Art Gallery


Fast forward 100 years… well, I’m not sure if this product would be much of a success these days. This ad is pretty much proofs that we just can’t win, right? You can’t be skinny, you can’t be fat, just listen to your friendly advertising!

But I absolutely love the vintage look, love her sly wink. I wonder, in 1895, did women take these fattening tablets only to “enhance” their butt or boobs?


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