The Case for Health at any Size

27 Dec

By Christi Nielsen

There’s a worthwhile read on the Women’s Health website–I’m not a frequent visitor of them–but they make the case for healthy fat vs unhealthy fat, arguing both sides of the debate.

In fact, a growing collective of doctors and activists have begun to argue that lifestyle and genetics are what determine a woman’s health. Even our new (zaftig) surgeon general, Regina Benjamin, M.D., recently said, “Being healthy is not about a dress size.”

Any article that uses the word” zaftig” makes me snicker, but that’s beside the point. (The above is a quick quote and you can read the entire thing here.) I found the comments interesting; there was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, women unsurprisingly admitting that they worry about their weight, and some inspiring stories.

But I guess it’s the way of the (advertising) world that the Women’s Health article was literally surrounded by diet tips and related content about weight-loss secrets. Big, fat sigh here. Will there ever be a time when chick magazines won’t ride the gravy train of weight-loss advertisement? Anyhow, I drifted off topic.

For my part, I’d love to read more articles that weigh the pros and cons of the fat acceptance movement. Or any other article that makes a point that beauty and health isn’t dependent on dress size. What about you? Dialogue is healthy (ahaha, pun intended) or isn’t it? Are there already enough articles like that in mainstream women’s magazines?


One Response to “The Case for Health at any Size”

  1. Ann 12/27/2010 at 2:16 pm #

    I wouldn’t call myself fat, prefer curvy but the word zaftig is actually funny.

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