Let Fat People Be Fat People

28 Dec

One propaganda source commonly cited by the “Fatzis” is a CDC study that concludes that being fat is worse for you than smoking. Putting aside the fact that getting fat is an order of magnitude more fun than getting lung cancer, how long will it be before you won’t be permitted to eat in a restaurant?

via Mark Steinberg: Let Fat People Be Fat People.

This article is very much tongue in cheek. Made me laugh out loud a couple of time. I venture out to say that the main goal of the writer wasn’t to promote fat acceptance but to entertain. 6GF8JEDQP69A

But saying that “the case against obesity is weak and quite possibly a fraud, foisted upon the eating public by Small Pharma,” holds more than just a kernel of truth. On the other hand, writing that “widespread obesity is the key to the future of this nation” is pushing it.

Unfortunately there weren’t many comments on this article. I’d have loved to read people’s reactions 🙂


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