Book Review: Good in Bed, by Jennifer Weiner

2 Jan

You could say “Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner is America’s answer to Bridget Jones. But it’s actually better, imho, funnier and more heartfelt.

A couple of days ago I reviewed Fat Girl (which is a memoir and as far from a lighthearted read as you can get.) I read a lot, and not only books with plus-size heroines, but I thought I’ll continue reviewing books that feature “fat” characters.

Candace, Cannie for short, is that sort of  main character where I found myself wishing I could meet her over a cup of coffee to chat about work, guys and life in general. She’s likable in a flawed sort of way. Masking her insecurities, she’s often too smart and sarcastic for her own good.  She struggles with her weight, there’s some childhood trauma, but she never loses her wit or her strength. She has a successful career, her family is supportive and even though she recently broke it off with her boyfriend, she’s okay. The twist comes when her ex publishes an article in a national magazine called “Loving a Larger Woman” about what it is like to love a plus-sized woman. Not any woman, but Cannie.

Good in Bed, by Jennifer Weiner

Cannie’s adventures will strike a chord with all young women struggling to find their place in the world, especially those larger than a size eight. Good in Bed follows the classic format of chasing the wrong man when the right one is there all along.

The title is misleading, by the way. There’s nothing raunchy about this novel but the title refers to the column her ex-boyfriend writes. Good in Bed is fast paced with plenty of snappy and hilarious dialogue. I wasn’t impressed that most “skinny” characters in the book are portrayed less than admirable, and Candace’s mother is a lesbian–but a very cliched one.

If you approach Good in Bed as “fat” chick lit, with a good dash of romance, you’ll probably have a fun time reading . Just don’t expect too much realism, depth, or what I’d call a “realistic” ending. But hey, it’s fiction, and I like my happy ends.


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