“Embrace Me”, Body Confidence Project

14 Jan

This is sort of an update to my post about the Special K Challenge and the blogger who wrote a concise and enlightening post why the cereal Challenge should get lost.

The ‘I came to run’ blog has started a new project, called Embrace Me. And you are invited to participate:

It is in this spirit of acceptance that I’d like to start Embrace:Me, a project designed to encourage body confidence and treating yourself with a healthy, accepting attitude.  I feel strongly that by adopting a more positive attitude toward our own bodies, we can combat the effects of the pressure we feel from external sources, and from ourselves.  To show your support for Embrace:Me, I would love to hear your stories–stories of accomplishments, of body confidence, of anything that makes you feel good about yourself.  Maybe even a story about why you don’t have to justify your reasons for embracing the person you are to anyone else.

Please check out the complete post about the project Embrace Me on the blog ‘I came to run’.  And if you haven’t read her initial post about the Special K Challenge yet, it was sheer awesomeness and you should read it stat. She also has an update on her blog. She spoke with someone from Kellogg directly! You can get to her blog ‘I came to run” here.

Now, instead of the music I was listening to, there’s a radio ad running about a “Get Thin Today’ product, promising you a new life. But we already have a life, don’t we? What message is that sending to women, saying that your current life sucks because you aren’t thin?

Everything you plan to achieve in your future is just that, plans and goals, we all have something we want to achieve. We fail, we succeed or it’s something in-between, it’s called life. We all struggle with something.

But we are already worthy of love, happiness and acceptance right now.

I love that one blogger was able to rock Kellogg’s marketing boat. Love it. It’s an encouragement that you can really make a difference, however small, raise awareness and empower women. We only need to speak out, even if we think no one is listening.


4 Responses to ““Embrace Me”, Body Confidence Project”

  1. despitemyself 01/14/2011 at 4:23 pm #

    Love it! When I was growing up it always made me sad that my mother put off doing so much till she “lost some weight”. It’s a shame our world puts so much pressure on people, especially women, to be some fake cookie cutter version of beauty that some people don’t even want to leave the house.
    We grew up being sent into the grocery with a list because she was afraid of running into someone. Sadly, it was a bit warranted because she had been thin when she was younger, but after four kids & a hysterectomy things changed. Too many of the people she did run into didn’t mind bring it up either. She had been a popular cheerleader in high school, & don’t we just love to see them fall?
    I gained about 100lbs since I moved away after high school, & now that I’m back home I find myself wanting to avoid people who knew me when because I don’t want to see the looks or hear their comments, or even deal with knowing what their thinking. I have anxiety issues as it is. But I digress.
    All that just to say sadly, some fat women don’t have lives because of the way they & the world see them & treat them. I hope any of that made sense.

    • Chickie 01/14/2011 at 5:53 pm #

      You make total sense.

      We let life pass us by just because our body isn’t up to a perceived standard…it’s crazy. (I thought the Embrace Me project is a fantastic idea. Have you checked it out yet?)

      • despitemyself 01/14/2011 at 6:04 pm #

        Not yet, but I will. I meant to after I commented, but closed the page without thinking. I was waiting for you to reply or get another comment, lol.

        • Chickie 01/14/2011 at 6:07 pm #

          Well, now check it out, lol.

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