Goodbye WordPress, Hello

17 Jan

I’ve decided to stop blogging here. Why? Because I want a blog without weight-loss ads and similar stuff.

I mean, WordPress told me when I signed up that they might put ads on this free blog, but I was stupid enough not to figure out in advance what kind of ads would show. I don’t hate ads in general, I just don’t want Google ads with diet advertisements after my posts.

So, you can find me now here:

Still the same blog, just with a new look, but this time, I guarantee you won’t see a single freaking weight-loss ad!

Btw, I now host my own domain–it took me almost an entire night to figure out how that works. I even installed the WordPress blogging software again, just this time, I’m the boss of my blog, lol. (And I love how many new plugins and widgets and other ‘toys’ I have suddenly at my disposal.)


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