VivaFat is written by Chickie, a gal who believes that beauty, health and happiness comes in all forms and shapes.

She also believes that “fat” isn’t a dirty word. ‘Curvy Chicks’ might sound sexier, but she won’t be swayed to change her blog’s tagline.

And when she says “fat chicks”, she pretty much means any women who isn’t a “skinny chick.” No, “skinny” isn’t a dirty word either, but this blog is for unapologetic fat chicks.

Read her first blog post: Fat Chicks need Blogs Too!

What is VivaFat about:
VivaFat is a lifestyle blog for the unapologetic fat chick. VivaFat is upbeat. VivaFat is about news and information and shopping tips for the fat chick. VivaFat is all about being healthy and active—but on your terms. VivaFat is about being comfortable with who you are.

VivaFat aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and to get women to love their bodies and realize that being fatter than socially accepted is a-okay.

What VivaFat is NOT about:
VivaFat won’t tell you about the latest, or in fact, any kind of diet. VivaFat won’t try to convince you to get thin at any cost. VivaFat won’t harass you to change anything about you.

Send Chickie an email: vivafat (at) gmail (dot) com


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