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Plus-sized Movies? 3 Movies I Wish that were made with Fat Chicks

3 Jan

Trying to find a Hollywood movie where a fat girl goes on adventures, saves the world and kisses a couple of guys along the way, is like trying to find the necklace you lost at the beach three days ago. I tried both with the same results.

111 Hollywood Sign

Well, there’s the famous Bridget Jones. But, come on, Renee Zellweger? Why take a tiny American actress, publicize her weight gain, and let her fake an accent? Why not take a British plus-sized actress in the first place? And if a movie features a girl bigger than a size 10, she’s never comfortable with it, like Bridget. Why does weight always need to play a such a big role?

I asked a friend of mine if she had any movie suggestions that would fit my idealistic criteria, and after some brainstorming, we came up with—nothing.

What I came up with was how cool it could have been if some of my favorite movies would have featured a plus-size chick. Let me share my list with you. It’s widely speculative, but these are my top three movies I wish that they would have been cast with a fat chick:

My first pick: The Fifth Element
Leeloo is sent to save Earth and she represents the fifth element—love. She’s naïve, feminine and a warrior. And she gets the guy in the end. I’d love to see a sci-fi flick with action, romance, spaceships and a larger-than-life plus-sized actress.

My second pick: The Pirates of the Caribbean
The scene where Elizabeth falls into the ocean and is rescued by Captain Sparrow would have made more sense if Elizabeth Swann had been a fat chick. Elizabeth wore a corset to achieve a smaller waist. She then fainted and fell into the ocean. (Sorry, but Keira Knightley’s waist is already so small, I had a hard time believing that she had problems wearing that corset.) What follows is pirates and adventure and swordfights. I’m pretty sure you could find an athletic actress that isn’t necessarily rail-thin but a bigger girl who could do an equally fantastic job.

My third pick: Pretty Woman
Just imagine the movie tag line: A rich businessman needs an escort and hires a beautiful, plus-sized hooker and they fall in love. Come on, doesn’t that sound like a blockbuster movie? No? Well, I’d go and watch that movie on a Saturday night.

Hollywood, are you listening? I think that there’s an audience for funny, upbeat and even action movies featuring women who are bigger than a size 10. The press would talk about it! People would want to see such a novelty! I understand if you don’t care for my idealism or fat acceptance, but there’s money to be made! Gosh, I’m really going for the hard sell.

Anyho, just to be clear, I like the above movies just fine as they are, and I’m not hating on Hollywood’s sample-size actresses. I’m just having a bit of fun playing what if.

So, what if you could recast a movie? Which one? Would you place a plus-sized actress in the leading role? Or do you know any movies that feature plus-sized women in a positive, upbeat way?


Let Fat People Be Fat People

28 Dec

One propaganda source commonly cited by the “Fatzis” is a CDC study that concludes that being fat is worse for you than smoking. Putting aside the fact that getting fat is an order of magnitude more fun than getting lung cancer, how long will it be before you won’t be permitted to eat in a restaurant?

via Mark Steinberg: Let Fat People Be Fat People.

This article is very much tongue in cheek. Made me laugh out loud a couple of time. I venture out to say that the main goal of the writer wasn’t to promote fat acceptance but to entertain. 6GF8JEDQP69A

But saying that “the case against obesity is weak and quite possibly a fraud, foisted upon the eating public by Small Pharma,” holds more than just a kernel of truth. On the other hand, writing that “widespread obesity is the key to the future of this nation” is pushing it.

Unfortunately there weren’t many comments on this article. I’d have loved to read people’s reactions 🙂

Get FAT!

27 Dec

My, how times change. In 1895 skinny chicks wanted to be fat. The color lithograph shows a young woman with a package of Loring’s Fat-Ten-U food tablets and package of Loring’s Corpula, a fat-producting food:

“These tablets are result of years spent in making experiments with various compounds to procure a flesh producing agent. Will produce 8 to 16 lbs. of solid healthy flesh per month.”

Gribler Bank Note Co., photo by Bakers Art Gallery


Fast forward 100 years… well, I’m not sure if this product would be much of a success these days. This ad is pretty much proofs that we just can’t win, right? You can’t be skinny, you can’t be fat, just listen to your friendly advertising!

But I absolutely love the vintage look, love her sly wink. I wonder, in 1895, did women take these fattening tablets only to “enhance” their butt or boobs?

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