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Chick of the Week–Fluvia Lacerda

29 Dec

This is Brazilian plus size model Fluvia Lacerda. She was a nanny first before she was discovered in a New York City bus by a MODE magazine editor who suggested she should be a plus size model. Fluvia rocks some curves to be proud of, for sure. I wonder, would Fluvia mind if I call her one beautiful fat chick? Check out Fluvia’s online portfolio for more gorgeous images.

What are the cultural differences between Brazil and the United States when it comes to body image?
For starters, Brazil is ranked the number one country in plastic surgery procedures in the world. For many years we held the number one ranking in diet pill consumption as well, but we recently lost that position to the USA. I think that alone speaks volumes.

Read a great interview with Fluvia here.

Why aren’t we seeing more women like Fluvia in mainstream media and fashion? I think if we did, the anxiety so many women feel about their bodies would vanish.

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