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Fat Art–Birth of Venus Hawai’i Style

9 Jan

I can’t draw to save my life, but I love art. And this is my second post featuring what I call “Fat Art”. Luckily, there are plenty of artists out there who can produce such beautiful artwork as the one below, called ‘Birth of Venus Hawai’i Style.’

Birth of Venus Hawai'i Style

Lovely painting, isn’t it?


Fat Art–Barefoot Chick in Red

30 Dec

I’m woefully inept at drawing even the simplest objects, so I’m all the more happy if I find talented artists online. I think I’ll have a regular feature here on the blog: art of fat women captured in various mediums.

figure 788



The artist used china marker for this gorgeous fat chick. I love the red color, the texture, and her facial expression. Don’t you?

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