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Vintage Ad: Wanted, 1000 Skinny People To Gain Solid Pounds of Flesh

7 Jan

This is a vintage advertisement from 1953: Wanted: 1000 Skinny People To Gain Solid Pounds of Flesh on Chest, Arms, Legs and Body – or Money Back! The ad promises a money back guarantee provided if consumer has not gained weight in 10 days after beginning usage of the product Poundex. According to the ad, Poundex was vanilla flavored and contained B12, B1 and malt.

Copyright: Medicine and Madison Avenue On-Line Project - Ad #MM0731, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

The thing I found funny was that the 1953’s ad singles out the guy’s butt only, but the girl should have well rounded cheeks, arms, boobs, butt, hips, thighs and calves. No pressure, ladies, no pressure. 


Get FAT!

27 Dec

My, how times change. In 1895 skinny chicks wanted to be fat. The color lithograph shows a young woman with a package of Loring’s Fat-Ten-U food tablets and package of Loring’s Corpula, a fat-producting food:

“These tablets are result of years spent in making experiments with various compounds to procure a flesh producing agent. Will produce 8 to 16 lbs. of solid healthy flesh per month.”

Gribler Bank Note Co., photo by Bakers Art Gallery


Fast forward 100 years… well, I’m not sure if this product would be much of a success these days. This ad is pretty much proofs that we just can’t win, right? You can’t be skinny, you can’t be fat, just listen to your friendly advertising!

But I absolutely love the vintage look, love her sly wink. I wonder, in 1895, did women take these fattening tablets only to “enhance” their butt or boobs?

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